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If you are in need of service please follow directions below:
  • Fitness Repair Plus services most brands in the fitness industry. We call on Residential and Commercial accounts and also provide preventive maintenance services. We provide services within Berks County, Pa and surrounding counties. Our general service area is a 40 mile radius to the 19606 zip code. *a charge of $.85 per mile will be added to service calls beyond are regular 40 mile service range.
  • The Fitness Repair Plus team provides prompt reliable service and will evaluate your service request and provide our professional service and advice to best suit your needs. If you are in need of service please fill out the service request from below with as much info as possible. A service technician will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss service options. It is very important to give us accurate information as to the serial# (if you can find it) make and model. A detailed description of the problem can save you time and money please help us fix the problem correctly the first time and provide us as much detail as possible.
  • Residential FLAT RATE PRICING of $139.00 covering initial visit. Many times repairs can be made during initial visit, If parts are needed we will quote cost. Once approved and parts arrive, we will come back out to install parts at a reduced rate of $25.00 / hr. Once parts are install unit is tested for proper function. Our techs provide prompt, professional repair services. No more guessing or estimating repairs.strong>
  • Don't over pay for an slow hourly rate service tech, choose Fitness Repair Plus.
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Add a Residential PreventIve Maintenance Service Request.
$15.00 will be added to service, due at the completion of repair.

Preventative Maintenance is proven to reduce downtime and lower or eliminate costly repair. Our techs are trained to find and eliminate small problems before they become large (costly) problems.

Service includes 12 point check:
  1. Inspect shrouds, covers, and welds for cracks or wear.
  2. Remove motor cover and vacuum debris.
  3. Check drive motor brushes and resurface commutator if scored.
  4. Lubricate lift motor components.
  5. Adjust drive belt tension and inspect for wear.
  6. Perform amp draw test to determine condition of running belt, deck and lower electronics.
  7. Adjust running belt tension & tracking.
  8. Lubricate deck per manufacturer’s specifications.
  9. Inspect front & rear rollers for bearing wear.
  10. Check unit for stability and level frame if needed.
  11. Elevate unit and vacuum debris from undercarriage and floor.
  12. Test for proper function.

I am interested in Preventative Maintenance