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The country may be in an uproar over recent staph outbreaks, but a quick and painless end to their panic exists. A new product is aiming to make superbug infections a thing of the past. ClO2, an odor control product, kills contagious bacteria, viruses and even staph safely and effectively before they can spread to others. Health care facilities, fitness centers and educational institutions will particularly want to consider adding ClO2 to their cleaning arsenal. The product's unique formulation produces chlorine dioxide, a bacteria-killing agent, in a safe and consistent way that is far superior to the largely ineffective chlorine and antibiotic treatments. Fitness repair plus uses only certified chlorine dioxide gas technicians to ensure that this powerful product is used at safe and controlled levels. We know budget are tight, thatís why Our techs use only he amounts necessary to control the problem making Fitness repair Plus the best choice for your bottom line.

What is Stabilized CLO2?
Stabilized ClO2 is a dry powder that produces chlorine dioxide (ClO2) vapor that kills fungus, spores, bacteria, viruses, and their associated odors where ever they are found. The patent pending package safely seals in the powdered sodium chlorite powder (that produces the ClO2) and allows vapor in and ClO2 out in a controlled and consistent way. ClO2 contains no genetically modified bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents or scent masking chemicals.

How it Works?
Chlorine dioxide is a highly effective biocide. It attacks the cell wall of microorganisms and disrupts the ability to reproduce by inhibiting the organism from producing and transferring food. Independent testing and major university studies have proven it to be effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. CLO2 was used by the U.S. government to decontaminate the federal buildings of anthrax following the terror attacks in 2001 and for mold and mildew remediation of homes in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

Where can Clo2 be used?
ClO2 is designed and intended to be used to permanently kill the odors resulting from fungus, spores, bacteria, viruses, body odor, smoke, skunk and cat hormonal spray, feces, vomit, dead animals, rotting meat, fish, vegetables and many other odorous gases that can be oxidized.

ClO2 is very effective at eliminating most existing odor sources and eliminating subsequent recontamination for up to 30 days using the extended release product.

ClO2 can be used to deodorize a wide range of surfaces and materials including but not limited to fabrics, flooring, walls, furniture, clothing, locker rooms, lockers, sports equipment, gym bags and their content.

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